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How to Tell If You Need New Tires

Tires are the only thing between you and the road, so routine inspections are essential to ensuring your safety. Eventually, tires need replacing, and in El Paso, TX, no one knows more about tire sales and service than Total Auto Repair. Driving habits, road conditions, weather, and lack of maintenance all contribute to tire damage. Our team cares about the safety of our community, so we encourage you to visually inspect your tires regularly and maintain the tire pressure outlined in your owner’s manual. What should you look for during the inspection? Uneven tread wear, cracked tires (dry rot), bulges or bubbles, and low tread depth are all signs you need new tires. In addition, a lit TPMS warning light, vibration, and excessive tire noise indicate a problem. If you spot a problem, call us first. We don’t want you in a dangerous driving position, so we’ll help you get here. To extend the life of your tires, visit us for routine wheel alignments, tire rotations, and tire pressure adjustments. From tire sales to auto repair services, we are your one-stop shop for all your automotive care needs.