Tune-Up in El Paso, Texas

Preserving Engine Performance – Total Auto Repair

We Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly

The engine of each manufacturer model has a unique set of needs. Where do you turn when things aren’t running well? In El Paso, TX, drivers call on the experts at Total Auto Repair for a tune-up service guaranteed to keep your car, truck, or SUV running smoothly. During auto service, our ASE-Certified technicians will inspect and replace components essential to your engine’s performance and health. Tune-up service includes, but is not limited to, an oil change, spark plug replacement, fluid check, changing the fuel, air, and cabin filter, and cleaning the fuel system. Full transparency makes us a leading choice for vehicle owners in El Paso. We only replace components that need to be replaced and only after your approval. Making needless repairs and charging you extra isn’t what we do. To stay ahead of breakdowns and improve fuel mileage, we recommend following your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Replacing essential components like fuel filters when they’re past their prime keeps your engine clean and running at peak performance.