be carried out with each change in the season. Learn about five spring car care tips every car owner must know to keep themselves safe and their car’s performance at its peak.

1. Tires: Pressure, Tread, and Condition

Many motorists may forget that the air pressure of tires increases with temperature. As spring temperatures rise, tires may become overinflated, causing damage that might not be immediately evident without thoughtful, thorough inspection. Check that treads are sufficient with a tire gauge and replace tires in sets as recommended by manufacturers.

2. Change: Oil and Filter

As your motor oil lubricates and cools your engine it picks up fine particles that are cleared by the oil filter. With time and chemical breakdowns brought on by changes in the weather, filters become clogged and motor oil can no longer serve its purpose. Keeping oil and filters clean improves fuel efficiency and extends engine life.

3. Lights: Clean, Test, and Replace

Motorists might be surprised to see the improvement in their nighttime vision with properly cleaned or new headlights. Check that signal, brake, and tail lights are working correctly. Signal lights that blink out of time indicate a burnt-out bulb.

4. Battery: Test and Replace

The amount of power a battery can store can be greatly diminished through the cold winter. Freezing and thawing causes terminals to rust and cables to corrode. Test your car battery and inspect its mounting and cables. Replace less-than-optimal electrical equipment before getting caught with a car that won’t start.

5. Wipers, Fluid: Test, and Replace

No driver wants to be involved in an entirely preventable accident because they couldn’t see through a streaked or dirty windshield. Enjoy clear vision by topping off your fluid reservoir and checking and replacing worn and cracked blades. Also, replace wiper blades that skip or chatter when they operate.

If you need assistance preparing your vehicle for spring, we invite you to visit Total Auto Repair and Tire Service today!

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